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Expert Carpet Claening in  Local Cleaners Bromley offers its customers a streamlined carpet cleaning service for the entire Bromley, London area. All necessary procedures are included in the price, with some additional ones as a paid option for a customer to choose. All information on deals and offers you can find on our website or by calling us. Booking today will get you:

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Service information

We are able to clean all types of carpets, including: velvet, woolen, woven, blends, natural and synthetic, cotton, kashmir, satin, silk and a lot more.

Carpet Cleaning Techniques We Use in Bromley

Professional Carpet Cleaning in  Steam cleaning in Bromley is extremely efficient when it comes to carpet cleaning. Because of its nature, this is a treatment which can be relied on when dealing with dust, allergens and general filth on carpets. It reaches deep into the fibers dissolving any filth inside and drawing it out with the help of a vacuum machine. Because we use high temperatures, pressure and water this service is best utilized on synthetic and woolen carpets as they are better suited to withstand the cleaning power the treatment has. There is a short drying time of 3-4 hours, however, this is for a reason. We leave the last 5% of the moisture inside the carpet so it can dry naturally, thus preventing any damage that may occur due to over-drying of the textile.


Dry cleaning in Bromley - it has a very quick effect on the affected area. Using a fine brush we embed a special cleaning powder into the fibers of the carpet and thus create a bond between the detergent and the staining inside. The compound needs to stay on the stain for 10 minutes after which we draw it out using a vacuum machine. The stain is gone and the fibers underneath are rejuvenated, with no trace of the staining or the detergent left behind. This method is safe for usage on natural fibers because it lacks the moisture and heat that would otherwise be considered harmful towards those materials.

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As a well and renown cleaning company we offer you full carpet cleaning, covered by our comprehensive insurance, carried out by the best academy certified cleaning teams in the entire Bromley at the lowest prices around.

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