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Frequently Asked Questions

A: This depends on the condition of the rugs, the traffic in the household, whether there are pets or small children. A general answer would be that every two to three months would be optimal.

A: If on a natural fibered material, we can use our special dry compound treatment that will absorb any moisture from the stain while it will also neutralize odours and remove any food colouring that might have seeped into the fibers.

A: The only thing that we truly ask of our clients is that they give us access to a parking spot near the location we are cleaning. The cleaners co me prepared with specialized, heavy equipment that needs to be transferred safely and a parking spot close by would help us quite a lot.

A: Unless it’s extremely large and heavy and obstructing the area we are cleaning in, we do not require it, however, if that's the case, we do recommend that you move it. The cleaners are not professional movers and cannot guarantee the safety of heavy objects.

A: Yes, customers are entitled to a treatment exchange as long as both treatments are of the same value. Get a full list of exchange options by calling us at 020 3746 8255.

A: You can call us at 020 3746 8255 or use the live chat platform located on the bottom right of your screen.

A: While this is rare to occur, you'll get your money back, with a complimentary cleaning on the house to make up for the inconvenience created.