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Mattress Cleaning in  Call Local Cleaners Bromley BR1 to get rid of the bed pests once and for all. With full insurance coverage and constant deals and special offers, we can clean your home safely and save you time and money. By booking us you also get:

  • Bed bug treatment
  • Full stain and odour removal
  • Affordable rates
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Landlord and tenant deals

Your expert service is just one call away. Dial 020 3746 8255 and book us now. All of the procedures that we carry out in Bromley will be done with your safety and well-being in mind. We are using only bio-degradable detergents and techniques that promote a healthier home, meaning that we leave no traces of the cleaning process but only good results.

Service Description

Mattresses vary in size, thickness and composition and we are able to take care of any kind: memory foam, orthopedic, spring mattress, regular, large, queen-sized, etc. We provide expert mattress cleaning in Bromley for any type or size of mattress.

Mattress Cleaning Treatments

U.V Lights treatment in Bromley - most often seen in laboratory or clinic settings, the lights we use are utilized by medical staff and laboratory personnel for chemical free sterilization of equipment, clothing and even entire rooms. This is such a successful method of cleaning out pests and bacteria from fibers, because it has been optimized to harm the pests, but leave the fabrics and their colours intact. It penetrates all mattress layers, reaching deep, ensuring that all stages of bacteria and pests are killed. After this, we extract the carcasses and fecal matter using a strong vacuum machine, this leaves no trace behind. No chemicals, detergents, water or waiting, all done naturally.

Steam cleaning in Bromley
- while this treatment does have some sanitizing properties, it is mainly used in stain and odour removal. To ensure your safety, we utilize only the finest cleaning agents, all of which have a high bio-biodegradability rating with a minimal half-life after being exposed to air. This means that we leave absolutely no trace behind making the methods safe for usage around small children and pets. We use a small nozzle to minimize the water exposure while also maximizing the efficiency of the steam jet. It removes the stain from the fabric using the heat and the vacuum created by our strong vacuum motor. Nothing is left behind aside from 2% of the moisture used to clean.

We offer the two most effective mattress cleaning procedures for our clients in Bromley.

Why Choose Local Cleaners Bromley?

We've worked in the industry for over 10 years and have learnt to protect our clients and work in interest, this is why ever since we initially opened for business, we've strived to deliver the best cleaning services.

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