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Professional Rug Cleaning in Bromley BR1

Rug Cleaning in  Fully insured and vetted, Local Cleaners Bromley guarantees the professionals results you are looking for. All of our prices are fixed and include the basic treatments that are required to deliver the wanted cleanliness. If you book us today, you will get:

  • Deep rug fiber cleaning
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Call 020 3746 8255 today and book your professional service! We also offer you access to our special treatment, Scotchgard, which coats the fibers of your rugs in a protective layer. This shields the textiles from further filth and grime accumulation leaving them clean and pristine for a longer period of time.

Our Rug Cleaning in Bromley

Rugs range in size and condition as well as in fiber, we offer our clients professional care for: Exotic, Oriental, Persian, Russian, kilim, natural and synthetic rugs, woolen, cotton, woven, silk, Kashmir, satin, etc. Choose us and get professional dry and steam rug cleaning in Bromley.

The Cleaning Treatments We Use

Dry cleaning in Bromley - the more sensitive rugs are comprised of mostly natural fibers which require special attention. They are more vulnerable to damage from water and heat and are prone to shrinking and colour loss over time. This is why we use an all dry solution that has a more gentle approach to stain and blemish removal. It deals with the filth inside a natural rug by attaching its particles to that of the grime, making it heavier and thus easier to draw from the textiles. We use a fine brush to embed them into the rug, we then wait for 10 minutes so the detergent can react with the stain then draw it out using a vacuum machine. You won't have to wait for it to dry or worry about colour bleeding, all is safe and damage free.

Steam cleaning in Bromley
- is a very efficient cleaning technique that is used on synthetic and woolen materials that are more suited to high temperatures and moisture. The potency of the treatment comes from the high pressure and temperature combination that is created. As we inject the mixture of detergent and steam into the fibers of your rug, we create high pressure surrounding the filth and stains, this agitates it making it easier to draw out. The amount of high temperature also helps with the removal, with the last straw being the sucking power of our professional vacuum machine. All of this is done almost instantaneously, with only 5% of the overall moisture used in the cleaning being left behind. It will dissipate within 2-3 hours of the cleaning, with no chance of molding or damage.

Choosing Local Cleaners Bromley BR1

We work with all natural liquids and detergents, with a high biodegradability rating and low ph levels meaning that they are safe for your belongings as well as for your family. To top this off, all of the staff members are academy trained and fully certified in the proper cleaning of regular and sensitive rugs, which makes choosing us the safest and right option.

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