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Local Cleaners Bromley offers all of its clients a full-service coverage in which we include all necessary cleaning techniques and methods for proper upholstery maintenance and care. We always put the needs of our clients first. This makes us a recognised and preferred service supplier in Bromley BR1. All of the rates are fixed and will not change value unless influenced by one of our many discounts. There are no deposits for bookings or any hidden fees. With us you’ll enjoy:

  • Upholstery Cleaning in  Professional upholstery cleaning
  • Proper leather treatment
  • Adjustable booking hours
  • Same day visits
  • Special landlord and tenant discounts

Book us today by calling us on 020 3746 8255. For upholstery we also have a fantastic treatment called "Scotchgard" which was created for your safety and convenience. Once coated with it, your upholstery will be clean for a longer period of time, which will save you time and money and what’s more - it will prolong the lifespan of the upholstery.

Service Details

There are many different upholstery types out there, and we've managed to specialise in the cleaning of: sued, silk, cotton, Kashmir, natural and synthetic leather, vinyl, UV resistant fabrics, woolen and so much more.

The Cleaning Techniques We Use in Bromley

Leather upholstery treatment in Bromley - leather does require more attention, especially if its an older piece of furniture that has not been maintained well. With time leather loses some of its properties, such as its flexibility and malleability. This is due to the slow decay and evaporation of the oils that were in the leather. This creates a risk of tearing and cracking leaving you with a disheveled piece of furniture. To avid or remedy this we use a specialised moisturizing agent that we apply using a fine cloth and a circular motion. The agent opens the pores of the leather helping it to absorb the solution which rejuvenates the material in the process. Any excess moisturizer is wiped off, leaving the leather to dry for a couple of hours to really get the effects in.

Steam cleaning in Bromley
- steam cleaning offers a great way of dealing with food colouring, greasy stains, odours and overall dust and grime that can sometime be found in the fibers. Because of its nature, we use this treatment on synthetic and woolen materials, they hold the least amount of water and are more resistant to heat and overall moisture. We apply the detergent on the affected area with a steam jet that penetrates the layers of the upholstery. It agitates the filth inside making it a lot easier to extract all of the gunk. We remove 95% of the moisture used during the cleaning process, leaving almost nothing behind.

Choose The Best Upholstery Cleaning in Bromley BR1

We work safe, using the best equipment and detergents, all of which are bio-degradable and anti-allergenic providing you with a clean from stains and pests home. You'd be glad to know that for your convenience we are available from early mornings until late evenings.

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Book your upholstery cleaning by calling 020 3746 8255 or by using the instant chat room where we will reliably and accurately answer your questions. We have an online booking form by which you can make your appointment. You can use all three ways to get your non-obligatory quote.